We would like to take a moment to thank all the wonderful parents who trust us with their children’s dental care. We have been in Pelham for almost 15 years and have developed lasting relationships with many tremendous families and for that we are extraordinarily grateful.

We are proud to be a part of your children’s dental care team, working diligently to treat both parents and children with respect and to provide the best possible dental care for our patients.

Every child has different needs and abilities and their treatment plans are developed with those in mind. We utilize numerous specialists to round out our dental team. Each one brings a special talent or skill to the table. (I am sure I do not need to break out the sports metaphors to drive home this point!!)
We perform what we can do safely and without traumatizing your child in the office. For those procedures that cannot be performed in the office, we refer you to another provider with the expectation that your child will return to the office for follow up care, as necessary. It is our hope that we can eventually treat all your children’s needs in the office.

Recently, we have received a series of negative reviews that we have struggled with. The writers have taken the time to express their concerns and for that we are sincerely appreciative. We strive for improvement and constructive criticism assists in the process. However, most of the concerns center on issues that are outside of our control. For example, we saw a patient that had been referred to have dental work performed under sedation. The child was terrified of the dentist thanks in part to dental work that had been performed in another office. The child deserves the right to be treated with dignity and respect and there are ways of taking care of the child’s dental needs that allow for that. We did not refer the child out for any reason other than we wanted the best possible outcome dentally and emotionally.

Another “kind” reviewer simply accused us of being “all about the money.” That could not be farther from the truth. Yes, we charge for our services but our rates are among the lowest in the area. We compare, so we know. Unfortunately, even the lowest rates can be expensive when insurance coverage keeps changing, and generally NOT for the better. We understand and do as much as we can to provide affordable dental care. Like many providers, we accept state dental plans that allow for children that may not have the resources to otherwise receive dental care. Interestingly, the reviewer’s children are among those that use a state program to receive dental care. Regrettably, the reviewer did not respond to our request for some clarification so we are unsure how she can comment about compensation.

Like many providers, we have policies about keeping appointments or at least providing adequate notice if appointments cannot be kept. This is not our first rodeo so we know and expect that “stuff” happens and people don’t show up. We rarely enforce punitive measures and generally reschedule (please don’t let the front desk know I told you). Regrettably, when failed appointments become the norm, we do ask that parents seek treatment at another office that can perhaps better accommodate their schedule. When new patients (one of whom was dismissed from another office for failing to show to appointments) miss their appointments we are very reluctant to reschedule, especially when the reason for the failed appointment changes (we have terrible memories – but great transcription abilities!). We do not take these measures lightly because we realize that a child is involved, but when we have openings in our schedule, we are missing an opportunity to treat a child that needs to be seen and that is simply not fair to them.

We all recognize that the internet and social media, specifically, has become a soap box for people with an axe to grind. Some concerns are legitimate and others, well, not so much. We ask two things of everyone wandering around this site:

1. Please judge our practice and approach to dentistry for yourself. Give us a try and if we do not meet your expectations, shame on us. We will try our best to exceed your expectations and provide great care for your children.
2. If we miss the mark and you have an issue, contact the office and ask for John. Tell him your concerns and he will work to a resolution, if possible. We find that people with legitimate concerns are most willing to look for the solution. Issues that are beyond our control are generally the ones that people gripe about.

We sincerely want to be a part of your children’s dental team. Thank you.


John Collins
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